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I saw Oprah’s interview with JK Rowling on YouTube.  Towards the end of the interview, Jo asked Oprah on how she felt about her show coming to an end. Oprah gave very profound response. She said, “I know that time is right to end this show. I would never be able to stop talking to people or sharing their stories. That is why I am starting my own network. I read somewhere that Michael Jackson never realized that Thriller was a phenomenon. He spent his entire life chasing the phenomenon. I realized I don’t want to do this. I am not going to spend my life wondering how I will top my previous success. This is one phase of my life. I am very grateful to god for it. I am moving on to another chapter”

Interestingly JKR too had read the same story and this was exactly the part that resonated with her. She is very grateful for the success of Harry Porter. She will continue to be a writer but does not truly  expect to top it. She says, “people keep asking me, how are you going to do anything bigger than Harry Porter. I don’t even want to try”

JKR says that she is most grateful for her fans and she dedicated her final book to her regular readers. She was once walking down the road and a 20yr old girl came up to her and said, “you are my childhood”. That is the best compliment she has ever received.

Some deep insights on how to deal with enormous success.


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