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I apologize for the long gap in my writing. I have been going through a rocky phase with respect to my health. I have not been able to write as regularly as I wanted. Thank you for commenting regularly and keeping my blog alive.


Ever since the story of Josef Fritzl broke out, I have been reeling under shock. I am sure most of you must have heard this story of a 73 year old man who imprisoned his 18 year old daughter in cellar and sexually abused her for 20 years. He bore 7 children with her, one of whom died. He had been sexually abusing his daughter from when she was 11 years old. I find it so impossible to comprehend how a father can do this to his own daughter.


I like to believe that he must be completely mad and these kinds of incidents are not something which occurs commonly. However, this illusion was shattered when I spoke to my sister about this incident. She is a doctor and used to work in a rural hospital during her internship. She was not at all shocked by the story. She said that fathers abusing daughters and brothers abusing sisters is very common in rural areas. She also said that she does not believe it is limited to rural areas. In urban areas people tend to be more informed and easily avoid getting caught.


My dad, who also is a doctor, joined the conversation and the stories he told me made my stomach churn. A gynecologist told him about a 11 year old girl who came to her. She was bought by her parents because she was throwing up often. When the doctor examined her she found that the girl was 8 months pregnant. On further enquiries she found that her own brother was the father of the baby. What was even more shocking was attitude of the parents. They discovered pregnancy on 22nd Dec and 25th was Christmas. They would be visiting their relatives and they wanted the pregnancy terminated before that so that their daughter would be presentable when the guests arrived. From what I understood, they went through some illegal procedure which involves injecting something into the uterus that kills the fetus and then removing the dead fetus.


Another friend of my dad told him about a young girl who was accompanied by her father. She had scars on both her hands like someone had slashed them with a knife. He requested the father to step out and tried to find out what the problem was. Apparently, her mother had passed away a few years back and since then her father has been sexually abusing her. The doctor called the father back and confronted him. Can you believe what that man said, “She is my fruit and I can enjoy her. It is my right”


 To me, relationship between father and daughter is very sacred. If you cannot trust your own father how can you trust any other man? Is it just me or are you also shocked by these stories. I really want to understand why things like this happen. If it is such a common occurrence then surely there must be something fundamentally wrong with our society.


Amit has some interesting insights into the subject. He asks if we should make concensual incest legal. Read his post more more details 


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